About Caltrics

What is Caltrics?

Caltrics is a free and easy to use solution for those of you who want to plan your lives by being aware, when events in which you are interested, are happening.

We have a large and diverse range of calendar event information. Sports include football, rugby, motor sport, cricket, tennis, golf as well as others. However, we also have calendars for school term dates, local events, historical information, politics, business, exhibitions, the Arts, charities and music.

Chosen calendars of events are automatically synchronised to the calendar application/app on your laptop, tablet, or phone. As the Caltrics database of calendars and events is changed, updates are dynamically synchronised with your Caltrics calendar.

Individuals can select one or more calendars from the listed calendars on the website. After registering with an email address and password, you will be immediately emailed a link. Click on the link and follow the instructions and the events in the chosen calendar(s) will be shown in your Caltrics calendar, alongside those in your existing personal calendar. Through your registered account you can change your selection at any time.

Caltrics is compatible with all major calendar applications/apps, including Outlook, iCal, and Google calendars.

NB - Let us know through our contact page if there’s a calendar that you would like us to include.

How we make ends meet

We work with all sorts of organisations who want to use calendar events as a channel to communicate to and engage with their ‘audience’. Some organisations will introduce sponsors to their calendars, whilst other organisations may wish to sponsor specific calendars.

Our customers include, charities, sports clubs, businesses, venues, galleries, PR companies, schools and membership organisations.

We are passionate about what we do and we are really excited about where we are and our future plans.

If you want to know more or how we could benefit your organisation and help in the generation of additional revenue, please get in touch.