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Northcote Theatre

The Exeter Northcott Theatre is a 460 seat venue serving Exeter and the heart of Devon from its home on the stunning University of Exeter Streatham Campus.

We offer a mixed programme of touring theatre productions, contemporary dance, opera, music, comedy and family theatre to our catchment of 551,000 homes. Our beautifully designed stage and auditorium works exceptionally well for all types of theatre and dance and is loved by audiences and artists.

The theatre is a magnet for thousands of people of all ages who are interested in attending live performance. From families introducing their younger members to theatre for the first time to a lively retired community that loves the classics, we cater for everyone.
As a University city there is no shortage of people of all ages who are adventurous and eclectic in their tastes as well as schools who value the opportunity to bring their students to see a live show as part of their learning. Whatever their age or interest our audiences are always enthusiastic, welcoming and informed; visiting artists always tell us that our audience is a joy to perform for and it is a pleasure for us to work with them.