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This is an internet calendar of the 4 PRINCIPAL PHASES of the Moon. These are caused by the relative positions of the Moon, Sun and Earth.

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At almost all times, half of the Moon is being lit up by the Sun, but this need not be the half that is facing towards the Earth. The only exception is during a lunar eclipse.

The eight phases of the Moon in order are:

NEW MOON, waxing crescent Moon, FIRST QUARTER MOON, waxing gibbous Moon, FULL MOON, waning gibbous Moon, LAST QUARTER MOON, waning crescent Moon.

Each phase is also named after its position in the full 29.5 day cycle based on whether it is growing (waxing) or shrinking (waning).

The full, quarter and new Moons are all the instants in time when the Moon is exactly fully, half or not at all illuminated from our perspective on Earth. The crescent and gibbous Moons each last approximately a week.